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How do I register my headphones for warranty?

To register your headphones for the two-year warranty, complete the online product registration form. You’ll need your serial number (located on the bottom of the headphone box or on the warranty claim card) and your proof of purchase (receipt or order confirmation email). Once you complete the registration form, you’ll receive a registration code. Keep this code in a safe place in case you ever need to file a warranty claim.

What can I use to charge my headphones?

AfterShokz headphones come with a micro USB charger. If you have misplaced your charger, please contact our Customer Happiness Team at

How do I charge my headphones?

You can charge your headphones with the provided micro USB charger. Insert the micro USB end into the micro USB charging port on the headphones, located beneath the protective flap at the bottom of the battery box. Insert the standard USB end of the charger into a computer or wall adapter. The LED light on the headphones will be red if the headphones are charging, and blue when the headphones have fully charged.

How long does it take to charge my headphones?

Sportz Titanium take 1.5 hours to charge from 0 to 100 percent. They come out of the box at approximately 50 percent charged.

Why do wired headphones require a charge?

Bone conduction technology works by sending vibrations through your cheekbone. Battery power is required to generate these vibrations.

How do I turn my headphones on and off?

Press and hold the power button for two seconds. The LED light will flash blue when powering on and red when powering off.

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Who are AfterShokz headphones for?

AfterShokz bone conduction headphones are a great fit for runners, cyclists, and other athletes; but fitness enthusiasts are not our only customers. Our ShokzSquad is made up of individuals in the professional, law enforcement, manufacturing and construction industries, as well as those who are blind or experience hearing loss.

This article covers the following topics
This article covers the following topics

Free your ears from misfit earbuds. Take in every aspect of your adventures; hear your music, hear your calls, hear your world, hear it all.

Open-Ear Design

Total awareness while you tune in

Premium Audio

Wide dynamic sound range

Unmatched Comfort

Lightweight bud-free listening

12 Hour Battery

Long term listening for any adventure

Reflective Headband

Visible all day and night

This article covers the following topics
This article covers the following topics
My headphones won’t charge.

Please file a warranty claim here.

My headphones won’t turn on.

Please file a warranty claim here.

My headband snapped.

Please file a warranty claim here.

My headphones only plays sound out of one side.

Please file a warranty claim here.

My LED light is blinking rapidly.

Please file a warranty claim here.

Can individuals with hearing loss benefit from bone conduction headphones?

AfterShokz has a strong community of individuals with hearing loss.
While our headphones are not hearing aids, we do have customers who use our headphones to assist with hearing by pairing them to their phones and using an amplifier app. These apps use the mic on the phone to pick up surrounding sound, which is then transmitted through the headphones. The most popular app our customers use is Petralex.
As a sport headphone company, we don’t have the qualifications to determine whether our headphones will work for any particular individual, or improve the effects of any medical condition, but with a 45-day return window on all orders placed on our website, and plenty of retailers with in-store demos, we encourage you to give them a try.

Can individuals with vision loss benefit from bone conduction headphones?

Yes, bone conduction headphones can benefit those with vision loss by allowing users to listen to navigation instruction while still hearing their surroundings.

This article covers the following topics
This article covers the following topics
How do I clean my Sportz Titanium?

We recommend that you clean your Sportz Titanium on a regular basis by rubbing it down with a clean, dry cloth.


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